The Rise Of The Grotesque

„I’m gonna be in Berlin on the first weekend of June.“ He brushes his stubby chin while playing around with an unlit cigarette.
„What the bloody cunt are you doing in Berlin, mate?“ his friend replies a bit absent minded.

He takes his time to answer, lites the cigarette first by snapping open his pocket lighter in a fancy fashion and fueling the flame shortly after. He knuckles it closed like a movie star before he begins to speak.

„These German weblog lads are having a reading. They’re freakin brilliant. I have to bloody go see’em.“

„What’s so special about these blokes that makes you spend your wage to cross over to Fritzcountry?“

„They’re absolutely mental wankers. See, mate, one of them is called Kid37 and he’s a demon when it comes to resourceful moaning about the mess that we’re all in. He’s King Gothrock of blogging. He’s the comeback of New Wave in terms of weblogs.

Then we have this rather dodgy bloke, calling himself Ole from Absurdistan. This guy is a fookin frake. He dissects his everyday surroundings until you bloody think you’re in a flick by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. And he is not exactly a cheapo with vocabulary and stuff. I mean, he is rich and extrawitty.

The third and final lad may be called the bloody Pete Doherty of Bloggin. He’s a letdown to his friends and family because he’s so way outta line but when he hits those keyboards to take down one of his ol‘ rants about death and the humor about it, it will burn your skin. This guy is called St. Burnster for a reason. Gosh, he’s mental.

And the overall thing is called Grotesques and it’s being hosted by that funky Asian bird Miss Modeste and supergorgeous Wortschnittchen! She’s one heck of a lady and I hope she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Anyway, it’s gonna be the hook-up of the year, for Christ’s sake.“

„That’s awesome. I’m in a craze. I wanna go there, too. Can you pass over the details, mate?“

„Fair enough, I’ve got this wacky handout. See you in a bit.“ He finishes his cigarette, throws it to the ground, gives that little flyer to his friend while his skully Vans hit Brick Lane as he keeps strolling along Shoreditch.

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  1. Besser kann sowas nicht angeleiert werden, Buzzrule! Großartige Idee, die mich fast neidisch macht, weil ich sie nun nicht mehr haben darf, obwohl ich sie ganz bestimmt eines Tages gehabt hätte doch nun nicht mehr anwenden darf!

    Und weil alle anderen Kommentatoren bestimmt so brilliant gewitzt sind und in englisch kommentieren, eröffne ich einmal in deutsch. Bin halt´n Bauer! Aber die Abschiedsformel, die kriegst Du in english:


    [btw] I also try to make it over to Burnslin on 06/04/06. As you know it´s a damnedass Sunday. Why the hell is that? I want beer – no cake!

  2. Emmse, der Sonntag hat nen Pfingstmontag nach sich, soweit ich das auf meinem Pizzaservice-Kalender richtig deute… mal sehen, wär auch was für mich.

  3. hihi, so bin ich… und hab‘ natürlich auch erst im Mai entdeckt, dass der Pizza-Kalender seit Dezember des Vorjahres auf meinem Schrank Staub fängt. Immerhin.

  4. mental wanker … aaaaahh
    Drei Faves auf einen Schlag – ich glaub ich muss nach Berlin. Wobei, ich bin gerade in Berlin, fällt mir eben auf.

  5. das ist ganz knapp vor meiner flucht aus diesem lande.
    vielleicht sollte ich eine vorflucht in mein verhasstes berlin anstreben, um der stadt meine negativen eindrücke zu nehmen?!

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